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The steps in this training module are the steps that our curriculum consultants would use if they were to train your staff. We developed this training to streamline the process of training your teachers. Ultimately, the effectiveness of using Curriculum Trak relies heavily on the training that you are able to provide. If you have any questions or concerns, be sure to contact us at

Before Training your Teachers:
One of your Curriculum Admins should:
  1. Take part in the free, hour-long consultation with the Curriculum Trak support team. You should NOT take any further action until this consultation takes place.
  2. Attach your standards / benchmarks to your courses. (7 minute video)
  3. Immediately before your training, email each of the teachers their login information. (3 minute video)
Recommended Teacher Training Steps:
Teachers should:

1) Have an appreciation for WHY curriculum mapping is important.

  • We have found that teachers are much more motivated to map their curriculum if they understand why it is important.
  • Use the attached PowerPoint to discuss with your teachers the many benefits of curriculum mapping.  This pre-training activity would take approximately one hour. (Click here for the PowerPoint Attachment)
  • If you are concerned about being able to help your teachers gain this appreciation, you can schedule a consultation with one of our curriculum consulting partners. (Extra fees apply)

2) Watch the Curriculum Editor training video. (23 minute video)

3) Log into Curriculum Trak to make sure all the correct courses are attached to their teacher account. If there are discrepancies, they should indicate those changes to a Curriculum Admin. (2 minute video)

4) Set up timeframes and units for each of their courses. (5 minute video)

5) Attach the appropriate standards and benchmarks to their units. (5 minute video)

  • We recommend that you do this before you put in the rest of your unit content.
  • If you find that a unit does not cover any of the benchmarks for this course, you can have a discussion with the teacher as to whether or not that unit should still be taught in this course. If you both were to agree it should no longer be taught, it would not make sense for the teachers to fully develop the unit in Curriculum Trak only to delete it after later aligning to benchmarks.
  • After a teacher has completed step 5, one of your Curriculum Admins should look at the benchmark reports to identify gaps and overlaps in your curriculum. (5 minute video)
  • If you are not sure how to use these reports, you can schedule a consultation with one of our curriculum consulting partners. They will look at these reports with your curriculum administrators to discuss possible changes to your curriculum. (Extra fees apply)

6) Enter in the rest of your curriculum content by editing your units and by adding attachments to your units. (6 minute video)

  • If teachers are having a difficult time understanding any part of the curriculum mapping template, you can schedule a consultation with one of our curriculum consulting partners. For example, they can explain what essential questions are, why they are important and how to write effective essential questions. (Extra fees apply)