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Overview: In an effort to promote a network of faith-based schools working together to drive best practices in curriculum planning, Curriculum Trak invites all schools to submit examples of up to four of their current curriculum maps to be part of the annual Great Curriculum Trak Map Review Event. These maps will be reviewed by Curriculum Trak mapping specialists to provide feedback to the school (to encourage more development) and from the summited maps, a selection of maps demonstrating advanced articulation, clarity or integration practices will be marked as “Exemplar.” These maps will be added to the Exemplar list of maps in the Other Curriculum Area. The maps a school submits do not need to be perceived as “perfect” or “exemplar”  in order to be entered into the event. They simply need to be the best representation of your current practices regardless of where you are in the mapping process. Even partially incomplete maps can be used to receive input on next steps, refining your process, and encouraging your efforts moving forward. 

The Curriculum Trak Way: We recognize that there are a variety of approaches and practices in the area of instructional planning and design. While Curriculum Trak encourages schools to use our adaptable program in the way that best fits their specific needs, we also provide extensive training around those practices we believe will allow a school to reap the greatest benefits from the Curriculum Trak platform. We call this approach “The Curriculum Trak Way” to identify it as somewhat different from other approaches to curriculum mapping. Given our extensive training programs, the need to point to examples of that training in practice, and the necessity of a baseline for evaluation, we are very intentional about evaluating maps for these purposes which align to The Curriculum Trak Way. Maps not meeting this criteria are not necessarily inferior, but their departure from our recommended processes would prevent us from pointing to the map as an exemplar. Since we have no other equitable approach to understanding or evaluating the mapping practices or outcomes of schools taking a different approach, we encourage the school or individual user to explore those maps and evaluate them against their own needs and purposes. 


  1. In the Spring of each year, Curriculum Trak will make a call for school instructional leaders to select and submit up to four of their school’s curriculum maps for the Great Curriculum Trak Map Review Event. 
  2. School leaders will complete the nomination form for each map they which to submit.  
  3. The Curriculum Trak Training & Support team will distribute those maps to our evaluation team to be reviewed against our Exemplar Mapping Rubric. 
  4. Limited but specific feedback will be provided for each reviewed map. 
  5. From the highest ranking maps each year, a subset will be added to our exemplar list of maps by fall the following year. 
  6. All rubrics and feedback will be returned to the school by late summer with suggestions of specific steps the school can take to move their maps forward. 
  7. The process will be repeated the following year. 

Evaluation Rubric
Submitted maps do not need to be complete or perfect to be submitted for review. A school can submit up to four maps from your school for review using the online submission form. Submitted maps will be reviewed using the rubric below, and we encourage curriculum directors and map editors to use the rubric for their own evaluation purposes as well. 

Click here to open the rubric.

Nominations are open from May through June 30 each year. Click on the form below to nominate up to four maps for Curriculum Trak staff to review.

Great Map Review Nomination Form