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Note: Only schools that use the Lesson Planning module need to take the steps listed below.
Your school should perform the following steps each year between your two school years and after the rollover has taken place.  For most schools the rollover will take place during the summer, but we also recognize for some of our international schools that this must take place at times other than July.  To gain an overview of the entire process, we recommend that you watch this 8 minute video.


  1. The new school year rollover is the process that will initiate all the steps below.  We can do this year rollover for you on July 15 (along with all the other Curriculum Trak schools) or you can do this on your own on any day of the year.  It is very easy to do.  If you want to do this on a date other than July 15 of each year, be sure to contact support ( as soon as possible and provide the ideal rollover date for your school.  Curriculum Trak will then send you a reminder each year that your new school year rollover is due.
  2. After the rollover feature has been completed, you should see a message when you log in to set up your “No School Days”.  To learn more about this process and its purpose, watch this 3 minute video.  It is important to do this as soon after the rollover as possible so it is done before teachers rollover their lesson plan dates.

    **Note: We recommend you only enter full days off in the “No School Days” area.  If it is a half day, do not add it to the “No Schools Days” list but instead instruct teachers to avoid adding lessons to the AM or PM like they have done in the past.

  3. After your “No School Days” have been defined, you can notify your teachers that they can now use our new lesson plans rollover tool to get their lessons assigned to dates for the upcoming school year.  Teachers can use this 3 minute video to learn how to perform this rollover.
    **Note: If a lesson was taught 2 years ago but not last year, the lesson will not come over with the new rollover.  However, teachers can still add this older lesson to the new school year’s plan book by attaching a date to the lesson “manually” in the Lessons Database area or the Weekly Planner area.
    **Note: If you do NOT want your teachers to be able to use the new lesson plans rollover feature, you can turn this feature off for all your teachers by going to Admin, Utilities and unchecking the box for “Allow teachers to use “Rollover Dates” feature in the Lesson Planner”.  Some schools prefer that their teachers add all their lessons in week by week each year so that they can review/enhance their lessons rather than just having them automatically pushed into a date.