Staff Evaluation

The Staff Evaluation module is designed to support the training and professional development procedures of your school’s instructional team alongside your instructional planning efforts. Built on the easy-to-use Curriculum Trak platform, and drawing from much of the same data required for your curriculum mapping efforts, this module will help organize your informal, formal, and self-reflection events for your instructional team while providing powerful analytics for individual and collective growth.

What will the Staff Evaluation module do for you?

Customizable rubrics, standards, and processes to fit your school goals

Streamlined data collection and notifications for administrators and teachers

Variety of individual and group tools for analysis

Easy identification of individual and group professional development needs

Secure storage and access to evaluation data

Reporting tools to identify strengths and weaknesses in your practices

Staff Evaluation Features

Easy Set Up

  • Draw from your existing staff and course databases in Curriculum Trak
  • Provide or select evaluation standards and define your process for professional growth and evaluation
  • Easily access forms, tools, and documents needed for formative and summative purposes

A Streamlined, Web Based Process

  • Easy access to and reminders for planned evaluation events
  • Use any internet-connected device to access forms and reports
  • Automatically receive email notifications for completed evaluations
  • Electronic signature and response option available upon completion of evaluation

A Secure Evaluations Database

  • Securely store all staff evaluation data from year to year
  • Protect the privacy of each staff member through secure logins and limited viewing permissions
  • Quickly pull data from multiple years into a single report

Wide-Ranging Report Options

  • Access a status report to see which evaluations have been scheduled for them, which are completed (including previous years), and which require additional action
  • Pull multiple completed staff evaluations into a single screen for more detailed review and analysis
  • Perform longitudinal reports for one or more of the staff members they are responsible for to see growth over time.
  • Analyze a combined performance report to identify specific strengths and weaknesses among some or all of the instructional team

To learn more or to get started with the Staff Evaluations module, email