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Importing Maps

We are happy to work with you to import your existing curriculum maps or unit plans into Curriculum Trak regardless of their current format. This can be done for a minimal charge to cover the development fees. Basically, this involves combining all of your data into a single Excel document with each unit composing a single row. The fee for us to import this data into your Curriculum Trak account begins at $350 for standard imports. The fee varies based on complexity of the overall project.

The Process:

Converting your maps from their current format into a format that will work with Curriculum Trak involves a multi-step process:

1. Your existing data needs to be converted to a single Excel document. We provide a couple of options for moving forward with this step:

  • We will work with a member of your team to finalize a template for your import. This will allow a member of your team to review/reformat your data in the required form. The outline of that data is listed below. There is no charge for support during this step of the process.
  • Alternatively, you can send us all of your existing data in its present format and we will reformat it into the required form on our end for an hourly rate. We can provide you with a quote for this work after we have had a chance to review your data.

2. The finalized document is then used by our developers to create an import program for your account. There is typically a $350 charge for this process. The cost varies by amount of overall data; specific quotes can be provided before the process is started.

  • Upon receipt of your import document, it typically takes a full business week for the import to be completed.
  • A sample import is completed and reviewed by our support staff before the content is imported into your account for final review by you.
  • We alert you when the final import is completed for your own review.

3. After your import is completed, we schedule a time to meet and review your import and discuss next steps for moving forward with your curriculum mapping project. Additional updates or improvements can be made if needed. If it is as expected, you can begin inviting your users into your account for continued updates and curriculum mapping.


When converting data from one format to another as an automated process, there will be some limitations. The following are limitations you should consider before embarking on this process:

  • Some content formatting will be lost. This may include bolded, italicized, or bulleted information. An exact import should not be expected.
  • Attachments may not be included. Any documents attached to your maps will not be included, but attached links will likely carry over. If you have attached resources, you should plan on reattaching them manually after the import.
  • Our approach to standard/benchmark alignment is unique. If your maps include this information, it can be included as a basic text field, but it will need to be converted manually after the import in order for our full reporting features to work effectively.
  • The import is unlikely to be perfect and seamless. Any data that does not transfer properly is best identified immediately after the import and before your users begin working with that data. The more time that passes after the import the more difficult it will be to correct any mistakes or run additional automatic updates.

Formatting the Import Document

Regardless of how many different documents you currently have or the format those documents are in, all of the data will need to be collated into one final Excel (.xls) document with the following columns:

*A. Program Name (i.e. Mathematics)
*B. Course ID (this is a unique number for each course)
*C. Course Description/Title (i.e. Calculus AB AP)
*D. Timeframe (i.e. – Quarter 1)
E. Duration (length of unit in mm/dd-mm/dd format)
^F. Field 1 (i.e. Essential Questions)
^G. Field 2 (i.e. Instructional Methods)
^H. Field 3 (i.e. Resources)
^I. Field 4 (i.e. Assessments)
^J. Field 5, etc.

* Duplicate the information in these fields as necessary to denote additional units in a single course and timeframe. These fields MUST be completed for EACH unit. Empty fields will result in an improper import.
^ Field titles should be defined consistently for all courses and match exactly the field titles you want in your final product. You may have as many of these as you desire in your maps. Empty cells in this section will result in an empty field in your final import.

You may open a template here.


We are committed to assisting you in this process. The person from your team primarily responsible for completing this part of your project may contact support ( with any questions encountered during this process. To help ensure the quality of your import, we are happy to review your starter document (with all of your fields and a few units) before you complete all of the data entry. Your complete document will also be reviewed by support and returned with notes for improvements, if needed, before continuing to the next step of the process.