Partners & Integrations

Curriculum Trak Integration Partners

Google Drive

Individual teachers can connect any document from their Google Drive directly to their unit plans or lesson plans.


A Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) can be created for your account to promote single sign on.

Microsoft Azure

A single sign on protocol can be created for schools managing user emails through Azure.


Curriculum Trak has enjoyed a long relationship with FACTS SIS (formerly RenWeb) and currently serves hundreds of FACTS schools around the world. To integrate your Curriculum Trak account with your FACTS SIS account, all you need is your school/district code.

Faith-Learning Integration content

Have you wondered how faith concepts should be engaged in your subject area? Access reference materials across twenty different areas (ten specific to content areas and ten can be applied in multiple curricula areas) synthesized by Dr. Mark Eckel.

All Belong

Our free Accommodations and Strategies feature allows Curriculum Trak users to identify practical tools to assist students who struggle with academics. With suggested strategies across a variety of academic areas, this tool from All Belong prompts thinking about diverse learning needs as you plan for units and standards.

BJU Press

BJU Press is a leading Christian publisher serving thousands of schools in the U.S. and around the world. They produce academically rigorous educational materials written from a biblical worldview within a critical thinking framework and supported by educational technology. Believing that “the teacher is the key” they provide maps of their courses to import by schools that choose their materials as a part of a school’s unique curriculum.

Purposeful Design

Purposeful Design is the textbook publisher for ACSI. They provide academically rigorous textbooks that are intentionally rooted in biblical truth. Their textbook maps are available for import as starter maps.

Echoes & Reflections

Echoes & Reflections is Holocaust educational content provider. Their instructional units can be imported and used around your existing maps or used as a standalone course. Their database of free educational resources are linked throughout the mapped content.

Teaching for Transformation

Teaching for Transformation partners with faith-based schools in implementing the practices of deeper learning within the context of a Biblical worldview. TfT member schools can activate specific planning tools, reports, and collaboration opportunities within their Curriculum Trak account.

Summit Ministries

Summit Ministries provides worldview and Bible curriculum for Christian schools. Their course maps are available to be imported into any school account using their resources.


INTEGRATE is a flexible teacher's resource for exploring biology from a Christian worldview. Designed as a supplement for any Science or Bible course (grades 6-12). Schools adopting these user-friendly resources aimed at equipping students to think biblically about questions raised by science can import the mapped units to incorporate into their existing courses.

Beyond Technology Education

Beyond Technology Education assists K-12 schools in planning and implementing technology integration. This curriculum includes both school-wide technology integration as well as student-focused options. Course maps are available for import to support your school's technology education program.

Clerestory Learning

Clerestory Learning passionately studies the research in neuroscience and education fields to craft practical tools—including courses and curricular materials like the Foundations & Frameworks Instructional Reading Program—that energize and equip teachers for optimal effectiveness, and engage students for transformative learning. Their curriculum maps may be imported by any school.


The Ontario Alliance of Christian Schools (now known as Edvance) has a legacy of creating distinctive Christian curriculum in Ontario, Canada. They offer access to their curriculum units and lesson plans through Curriculum Trak.

Positive Action

Positive Action is a nonprofit publishing ministry specializing in Bible studies and curriculum for churches, traditional schools, and home schools. Their mission is to equip Bible teachers to magnify the majesty of God. Lesson Plans are not available for import.

F.O.R.M. Curriculum

The F.O.R.M. Curriculum is a Biblically-based health and PE curriculum. With animated lessons, movement videos, nutrition challenges, teacher lesson guides, devotional guides, and more, all of the resources are designed to take work off of teachers. All of the lesson planning is done, and everything can be customized to the individual school and schedule. Get a FREE preview on their website HERE.

Faith Journey

Faith Journey is a web and mobile application that focuses on documenting and reflecting on a child's faith journey. It is about capturing faith formation moments, which we call faith footprints, with pictures and videos. Curriculum Trak schools will receive an exclusive 30-60% discount and will benefit from an integration between the two products.


DeepRoots is a K–6th biblical worldview curriculum that equips students to stand firm in the face of today’s cultural challenges. Apologetics, history, and archaeology demonstrate that the Bible is true. Spiritual formation training helps students fall in love with Jesus and encourages a meaningful relationship with Him. Interactive features include a Bible timeline, music videos, and a long-term retention Bible memory verse game.