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CT Certification (Level 2)
For those educational leaders who have completed CT Certification, we are adding additional training options designed to continue moving your curriculum planning leadership forward. We have identified a series of specific curriculum mapping areas for which many schools require specific school-wide professional development. The goal of these training sessions will be to equip school leadership to provide specific training to their team. These training options will build on the principles of curriculum planning and instruction through Curriculum Trak and help your school continue expanding the value of your curriculum maps, units, and lesson plans. Review this growing list of topics and plan to join us for those areas that fit best into your upcoming goals. 

Writing Excellent Essential Questions – Essential questions often create the bridge from your conceptually-based articulation of the course, unit titles and standards alignment, into student-focused inquiry in your Teacher Clarity fields. But, given their more recent entrance to the instructional planning scene, essential questions are seldom more than a buzzword or an aspirational practice for many educators and resource providers. This training will provide you with specific tools for explaining the role of essential questions, guiding your teachers into writing high quality essential questions, and then working with essential questions to drive your other instructional practices. We will include specific tips and tricks for promoting this practice through Curriculum Trak. 

Four Remote Sessions in Two Weeks
Session 1 – Wednesday, May 12,  10AM – 2 PM (Eastern)
Session 2 – Thursday, May 13,  10AM – 2 PM (Eastern)
Session 3 – Wednesday, May 19,  10AM – 2 PM (Eastern)
Session 4 – Thursday, May 20, 10AM – 2 PM (Eastern)

Best Assessment Practices for Unit Design – Assessments, both formative and summative, are the key to guaranteeing the quality of our unit design. We do not truly know if our instructional plans have been successful unless we peek into the minds and mental processes of our students. This training series will provide school leaders with specific expectations, tools, and training techniques to raise the level of assessment planning and techniques for responding to assessment results among your instructional team. 

Four Remote Sessions in Two Weeks
Session 1 – Tuesday, August 17,  10AM – 2 PM (Eastern)
Session 2 – Thursday, August 19,  10AM – 2 PM (Eastern)
Session 3 – Tuesday, August 24,  10AM – 2 PM (Eastern)
Session 4 – Thursday, August 26, 10AM – 2 PM (Eastern)

Registration Required: Only registered users will be permitted to attend this training and earn certification credit. To register, an administrative user within your account can click through the Help button to find the Registration option. Information for attending the event will be provided to each registered attendee directly.

Unless your school is part of the CT Professional Development program which includes certification seats annually, the registration fee is $250 per person regardless of which training plan you choose. Prior completion of CT Certification is required to qualify for the CT PD program pricing.

Attendance Requirement: One of the primary goals of CT Certification is to promote a cohort of Curriculum Trak school leaders. To support that goal, in addition to capping conference attendance at a level best supported by the nature of the event, the training plan will incorporate several breakout sessions for small groups of ten or less apart from the full training group. These breakout sessions will be hosted by existing CT Certified users who will facilitate small-group discussion, answer questions, and provide additional support and insights. In order for any attendee to become certified, each must attend and participate in the corresponding breakout sessions. Each attendee is required to join independently (no shared computers). Attendees who have not registered in advance or allow unregistered people to join the training may be prevented from completing the training.

Remote Training Expectations: Be Fully Present! Curriculum Trak designs its training offerings to be as engaging as possible in a remote setting. In order to help every attendee be successful, we provide a basic checklist of technical and practical considerations we ask every attendee to follow. Find out more here. 

Cancellation/Change Policy: In our efforts to serve all attendees fully, we ask that you avoid making changes to your registration less than fifteen days prior to the event. Any necessary changes to your registration should be emailed to as soon as possible. The following considerations will be made: 

Changes made more than fifteen days prior to the event will incur no penalties. Unpaid invoices will be cancelled and deleted. Paid invoices will be credited to your account for future services. PD seat credits (included in the Professional Development program) will become available to be used later by the same registrant or a different member of your team at some point during the duration of your current term. No extensions will be granted. 

Changes made less than fifteen days prior to the event may incur some penalties: Transferring the registration to a different attendee or a later event can occur without concern. Cancellations will result in a 50% reduction in unpaid invoices, or a 50% credit of paid invoices toward future services. PD seat credits (included in the Professional Development program) will become available to be used later by the same registrant or a different member of your team at some point during the duration of your current term. No extensions will be granted. 

Registrants who fail to attend scheduled events or cancel their registration on the day of the training will not necessarily be offered credit, discounts, or seat credits except for in the case of extenuating circumstances and then only at the discretion of CT personnel. 

Curriculum Trak reserves the right to deny entry or remove attendees who violate the terms of the training. Should this occur, no refunds or transfers will be given. 

If you have any questions about these conferences, you can send an email to or create a support ticket.