Have you reviewed your benchmarks and standards lately? The Spring months may be a good time to do that. There are several reasons for this:

  1. It takes time to prepare standards. In order for standards to be used in your account, they need to be specifically prepared and loaded for your use. This can take several weeks for us to do on our end. Reviewing your standards now and letting us know of any needs will allow enough time to have these in place for summer or fall mapping work.
  2. Your standards may have changed recently. Curriculum Trak does not automatically update standards as updates or made by the group or agency issuing those standards, but we are happy to update these for you upon request. The set of state or national standards you are currently using in your account may not be the most recent. If changes have been made to your state or national standards, it can take some time to identify any changes and prepare any updates.
  3. You may need more standards to continue making mapping progress. Some schools identify a few core areas to begin mapping when they first join Curriculum Trak. If you are getting ready to expand your mapping efforts to other areas, you may want to consider what standards or benchmarks those courses will be aligned to.

Even though Spring is a busy time of the year, it may be worth reviewing the standards you currently have in your account and assessing your needs. Compare what you have against the official resource for those standards (i.e. – your state’s department of education website) to see if what you have is the most recent version. Use the Support Center to request help or updates to your standards. We would be glad to work with you to make sure you have everything you need to keep moving forward.