1 Corinthians 3: 10 (NIV) “By the grace God has given me, I laid a foundation as an expert builder, and someone else is building on it. But each one should be careful how he builds.”

The primary focus of this devotional is for educators to see their students as cathedrals. Perhaps though, it is just as important that students begin to see themselves as cathedrals as well.

Gothic Church Architecture & Floor Plan - Lesson | Study.com

Above is a typical floor plan of a cathedral. The Nave, The Transept, and the Apse are the three main parts of a cathedral’s floor plan. This design gives the resemblance of the cross. When a cathedral is entered, the symbolism of the cross is seen and the life of Jesus is remembered. Our students, as cathedrals under construction, are image bearers of Christ.

Helping our students understand how their lives can and should reflect Christ is a part of our role as educators, as “expert builders.” How do we do that?

For older students:

  • Show different pictures of cathedrals (many can be found with a Google search.) Guide students to wonder about the architect and design of these cathedrals. What do they have in common? Through this discussion, you need to draw out the shape of the cross that is apparent in the design. Reflect with the students why they think the cathedrals were designed in this way.
  • Compare your students to the cathedrals and name them as such. Start a discussion around ways they reflect Christ. How are they image bearers? When they come into contact with others, do they point others to Jesus, in the same way that the architectural design of a cathedral points to Jesus?

For younger children:

  • Using blocks or other building material, have groups work together to build a church or a cathedral. Talk about things they might see on a church when they drive by, such as a spire or a cross. Explain the importance of the physical church building as a place for people to gather to worship together.
  • Show pictures of towns or villages where a church spire or cross is very clear. Help students to locate the church in each picture. Ask them how they were able to find the church. Compare this to ourselves. How can those around us see Jesus? Guide students to answer that Jesus is seen by the way we love others. Collectively come up with a list of ways that your class can share God’s love and point others to Jesus. How can we be like a “cathedral” or “church,” standing out by pointing to God and His love?

Photo by Jonathan Meyer on Unsplash

Stacy Kok is a Senior Kindergarten teacher and Teaching for Transformation early adopter at Cairn Christian School in Stoney Creek, Ontario. Stacy is originally from Tennessee, USA and moved to Ontario, Canada in 1999, after teaching at a missionary school in Indonesia. While teaching in Indonesia, Stacy met her future husband who is originally from Grimsby, Ontario. Both Stacy and her husband spent a total of 5 years teaching in Indonesia before moving to Toronto. Stacy took time away from classroom teaching and devoted her time and energy to their 4 children. Seven years ago, Stacy returned to the classroom after serving 4 years on staff at her church as the Children’s Ministry Coordinator. Over the past 7 years, Stacy has had her teaching degree from Tennessee transferred to the OTC and has also received her Christian School Teacher’s Certificate. Stacy is currently enrolled as a part-time student with the Institute of Christian Studies in the Master of Arts (Philosophy) in Educational Leadership.