Curriculum Trak is seeking to provide additional value to our faith-based schools and thank those who are following our blog. To do that, we are offering, exclusively through our blog, a coupon for buy one, get one free for the Faith Learning content.

For this month only, if you let us know you saw this coupon, we will include every other FLI set you request for no additional charge. Each set, of 20 available, typically costs $50 and includes four unique strands of content. So, you could enjoy a savings of up to $500 and receive a total of 20 areas, or 80 strands of Faith Learning content.

The Faith Learning content, offered exclusively through Curriculum Trak, is designed to guide teachers toward high-quality, relevant biblical content to integrate into their instruction. This content has been prepared by Dr. Mark Eckel to focus on essential biblical doctrines rather than any specific denominational influence. You can find more information and samples here.

This video provides an overview for ordering one or more of the twenty areas available. If you would like some guidance in which area might best meet your current needs, check out this guide. Contact support if you have any questions or concerns.

Feel free to share our blog with others who may be using Curriculum Trak, and stay tuned for more news, tips, and coupons in the future.

Terms and Exclusions

This coupon will not work retroactively for any sets you have already requested. All requests must be made before the end of May to apply. The coupon is not applied automatically. It will only be applied if you tell us you saw the coupon prior to the end of the month.