We recently added some additional reporting options for the Lesson Planning feature within Curriculum Trak. These reports were mostly for administrative use. Thanks to feedback from users, we have made a minor adjustment that we believe will provide even more benefits for planning and instruction.

One of the reports recently added was the “Benchmarks by Unit” report. This report demonstrates exactly which lesson plans align to the indicated standards/benchmarks in the unit plan. In other words, it shows where specific benchmarks are being taught – and if any are not being taught at all. We heard from several schools that this report would be helpful to individual classroom teachers, lead teachers, department meetings, and others concerned about making sure that benchmarks aligned at the unit level were indeed being instructed. You made a strong case, and we completely agree!

As a result of this feedback, we have switched this report from an Admin only report to a report available to all users. Now, any Curriculum Trak user can see exactly which benchmarks are being covered at the lesson level. By clicking on the number, you can see the specific list of lessons. From there, you can drill down to the specific lesson plan if that plan is part of your purview. (Generally, only the planning teachers, lesson plan reviewers, and admins are able to review specific lesson plans. Others would have to view lessons through the “Other Curriculum Area.”)

Take a look at this report and consider its value to your school’s planning and instruction. If you have questions about the lesson planning feature or any of the lesson planning reports, please contact support.

Please Note: The Curriculum Trak Lesson Plan feature is an add-on for an additional fee (to cover additional support and storage space). We believe it is a great way to encourage educators to keep their unit plans current and make Curriculum Trak a regular part of their planning and instruction. We would be happy to add this feature to your account. You can find more details here.