Progress is being made on the new version of Curriculum Trak coming on June 19th. We have just invited a small group of schools into a beta testing environment to review the basic functions of Curriculum Trak 2.0. You can participate too! Just contact support to find out how.

Entering the beta testing phase is a very exciting development for a couple of reasons. First, it shows how close we are to releasing this new version of the program. Most of programming work has been completed to support the complex process of mapping that Curriculum Trak is designed to support. Another reason this is such an exciting development is because it shows the commitment to excellence Curriculum Trak schools display. These schools are looking closely for any bugs or errors that typically appear in technical projects such as this. They are also confirming for us whether the update will be as user-friendly as we anticipate. The feedback they are providing will allow our programmers to continue to refine and improve Curriculum Trak 2.0 so that it will be better than ever. This important work will allow the rest of us to enjoy a seamless transition to the new version.

We want to thank these schools who have agreed to partner with us in this way along with the schools who have provided ideas, feedback and questions leading to many of the updates and changes to Curriculum Trak so far. We are excited about all of the improvements we are able to bring to the excellent schools currently mapping and planning their curriculum content through Curriculum Trak.

A transition announcement has been placed in all Curriculum Trak accounts to alert every user of the Curriculum 2.0 rollout date of June 19th. This is our effort to close any communication gaps about this update, and minimize any surprises. On June 19th, anyone logging in as they always have will automatically be taken to CT 2.0 interface. Contact support if you have any questions or concerns about this transition or your current use of Curriculum Trak.

Also, if you have not yet seen the sneak peek video of the changes coming to Curriculum Trak, you can view it here: