How are you using the Curriculum Trak announcement feature? The announcements feature in Curriculum Trak can be used in a variety of ways to communicate with your team and help keep your project on trak. The announcement feature (located in the Admin menu) allows for a variety of fonts, font sizes, colors, and even images to be posted on the dashboard of every user as soon as they login to their Curriculum Trak account.

From time to time, we have the opportunity to enter your Curriculum Trak accounts for support or training purposes, and we have sees some great announcements posted on your dashboard. We wanted to share some ideas and ask for yours as well.

School Identity: Many schools have posted their school logo, mascot, mission statement, or images from recent events as a reminder of who they are as a school and what they are working to accomplish. Using the announcement area in that way is certainly a great way to provide some big-picture context for your team as they enter Curriculum Trak.

Comic Relief: One school had a parent-teacher conference comic. Another had a meme about curriculum mapping. Depending on where you might be in your school year or how deeply you are getting in your mapping process, comic relief may be just what the doctor ordered.

Notes and Deadlines: Other schools have used the announcement area to keep everyone on the same page as they scaffold their multi-year mapping project or work toward an accreditation visit. Keeping important deadlines in front of your team, or outlining a standard approach or style for specific parts of your project is another great way to use the announcements area.

Highlighting Star Mappers: A little encouragement can go a long way. Some school leaders like to provide positive feedback by honoring those teachers who are doing good work in their mapping efforts. Announcing the “Star Mapper,” announcing the faculty member of the month, or identifying those staff members who may be able to provide additional input or support within the Curriculum Trak announcement area is just a small way to highlight those teachers who go above and beyond the call of duty.

What recommendations do you have? Please share your ideas with us through one of our social platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Support Blog Discussion). We would love to know how this feature has helped your school in your mapping efforts, and we would love to share your ideas with others as well.