We are happy to announce a new feature designed to help schools focus on mission alignment. Many schools have a series of value statements, specific behaviors, or character traits they seek to instill in their students in addition to academic knowledge. But it is not always easy to identify exactly how your instructional practices support such outcomes and where, exactly, these concepts are being taught. Curriculum Trak can now help you with that through our School-Wide Outcomes feature.

Your school’s adopted outcomes can be easily added to your account and tracked in your maps and unit plans much like you track academic standards and benchmarks. With a dedicated report, your team will be able to easily see where these expectations are addressed, how frequently they are focused on, and if any are overlooked.

Watch the overview video below and consider how this feature may help you.


If you would like to begin using this feature, this video will guide you through the setup and implementation process.

You may contact support if you have any questions or concerns about this feature.