The Curriculum Trak Certification program is designed to add another layer of support and professional development beyond what you may have already experienced in your work with Curriculum Trak so far. The Curriculum Trak team has identified around 15-20 skills or concepts that, when mastered, help promote the long-term success of a school’s mapping initiatives. While you may have explored some of these in consultations, conferences, on-site training or other professional development offerings, there are two key differences that will make the certification program an important addition to your resume.

First, the certification program will walk you through a structured process for applying and engaging in the the best practices of curriculum mapping. You will be provided with opportunities to reflect on your own practices and identify the next best steps for your school to maximize your efforts, equip your team, and more fully embrace those practices as a learning community. This combination of instruction and input on the part of the Curriculum Trak team along with opportunities to discuss, reflect, and plan measurable next steps with others currently engaged in the process will produce a higher level of clarity about where you are and how you can achieve even more as a result of your school’s mapping efforts.

Second, the certification program is designed to draw from the strength of the mapping community. While your school may be uniquely responsible for your own efforts and the results of your investment of time, you are not alone in the challenges, questions, and struggles curriculum mapping can bring. This certification program seeks to tap into the victories, tips, tricks, and insights that are to be gained when educational professionals tackle common problems together. The cohort of leaders you work with will not only help sharpen your vision for your own process, but this cohort will also become a support network of leaders and cheerleaders for others in the larger mapping community.

Curriculum Trak’s goal for the certification training is to form a cadre of curriculum mapping experts who are well-versed in best practices behind curriculum mapping, the tools to promote those practices within the Curriculum Trak platform, and the steps to follow to take mapping to the next level. Our goals is that CT certified users will be equipped to lead their own school as well as those around them into higher levels of academic rigor and excellence. We hope you will consider joining these efforts!

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