Check out the Teacher’s Lounge, a weekly podcast presented by Curriculum Track. That’s right! We have ventured into the world of podcasting as a way to enhance connections in the Curriculum Trak network. Our hope is that, like the teacher’s lounge in your school, you will find our podcast to be a brief retreat from your daily routine and an opportunity to explore the latest thinking, current practices, and some of the greatest resources from faith-based educators and instructional leaders from around the Curriculum Trak network.

We have an exciting line up of guests starting wtih Renee McKeone, Becky Johnson, Kylie Nettinga, Darryl DeBoer, Renee L. Mungons, Ph.D., Dean Ridder, Lauralyn Vasquez, Lynn Cuffari, and Susie A. Long, Ed.D. These and many others who will be sharing from their deep and unique experiences in faith-based education. We can’t wait for you to hear what they have learned, their stories of struggle, inspiration, victory, and hope. In the end, we want to amplify some of the voices in our network, some you may know and some you have yet to meet, as a way to encourage and equip you to continue moving forward in your own instructional efforts.

Like the most productive teacher’s lounges around the world, we believe ours is only as good as the community who contributes to it. Some of our podcasts grow out of a blog post. Others are the result of conversations we have had the opportunity to have with people like you. We like this approach, drawing from real people doing every-day things, because it underscores the power of collaboration and networking. It also presents a risk. We can only be successful in our efforts to enhance the Curriculum Trak network as more people participate in the network. So, we encourage you to not only listen, rate, and share this podcast – we would love your feedback about what you liked and what topics you would like to see covered. But, we hope that you will also seriously consider what ideas you or people around you might contribute to the blog or on our podcast. Review our writing guide as you consider a possible contribution to the blog, or contact support if you would like to nominate someone for our podcast. We know that you (yes, you!) have something to share for the benefit of others.

Now, grab some fresh coffee, and head to the Teacher’s Lounge. There’s always time to check in. You might find something good.