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January Focused on Faith-Learning

It seems everyone gravitated toward mission-alignment in January with some of our highest visited (and most shared) posts relating to biblical integration, faith formation, and a Christian perspective on cultural diversity.

Amp Up the Biblical Integration – Dr. Karen Dorman explores the question: [H]ow can I, as an educator, integrate the Bible into my classes in such a way that it reaches the hearts and minds of my students, and moves them beyond viewing biblical integration as just another part of a lecture or reading the Bible as just another assignment?

Faith Journeys Made Visible – Renee McKeone outlines their approach to Faith Portfolios. We will have a podcast episode in coming weeks where we explore this idea with her and her colleague, Becky, even further.

Culturally Responsive Teaching from a Christian Perspective – Dr. Susie Long unpacks her observations that, “Oftentimes, there is no diversity in our private schools and/or communities. However, this homogenous learning environment could be ideal for promoting respectful and authentic discussions about diversity, equity, and inclusion.”

Other posts took this theme further. Check out the following:

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