As the year 2020 winds down and we enter the holiday season, we’ve felt how important it is to look at the ways we’ve been blessed this year. In the midst of all the transitions and challenges this year has brought, we know that we still have so much to be thankful for. We are excited to see growth in many of our endeavors, and we feel blessed to be a part of so many schools’ efforts to more intentionally plan their curriculum.

  • We give thanks for more than 10 years of being a growing part of school culture. Since the inception of Curriculum Trak, we’ve been pleased to become such an integral part of so many schools’ curriculum mapping and planning processes. We are so excited that through your work with us, almost 40,000 teachers are developing curriculum maps and, as a result, over 800,000 students are experiencing stronger and better education.
  • We give thanks for our part in a world-wide school community. Curriculum Trak provides curriculum mapping solutions for over a thousand schools, spreading through all 50 states and reaching into 38 countries all over the world
  • We give thanks that curriculum mapping has extended into lesson planning for more than a third of Curriculum Trak schools.  It has been our pleasure to help these schools enjoy the practical benefits of integrating their big-picture curriculum planning into their daily lesson plans. 
  • We give thanks for opportunities to partner with 7 curriculum publishers to offer great mapping solutions to our schools, who can import fully mapped course curriculum from these publishers into their own school accounts. 
  • We give thanks for strong connections with over 20 organizations and agencies who work with us to help faith-based schools through all kinds of support, from biblical integration resources to lesson plan integration to accreditation guidance. Offering the benefits of these great partnerships to our schools has saved thousands of hours of work for so many teachers.
  • We give thanks for a growing number of school administrators and teachers who have pursued CT Certification this year. We have been glad to see that the time and effort they’ve invested in exploring how Curriculum Trak can be used more fully in their schools has proven to be not only a great asset for their own school community, but also a helpful connection point in networking with other faith-based schools.
  • We give thanks for you! We feel strongly that God has given us the opportunity to serve you and your school, and we do not take that lightly. It is our privilege to support you in your work of education!