While we are proud to work with so many schools around the United States and in 36 other countries, we find that some schools are still not aware of who we are and how we seek to serve schools.

Not just another faceless software provider. Not just another 800 number to call for technical support. Not just another service-provider with big billing demands. At Curriculum Trak, we know you. We know you because we’ve been where you are. Our team is composed of former Christian school teachers and administrators, and many of us are products of faith-based education ourselves. We’ve even chosen to send our own children to schools like yours. We know you. We know your hopes and goals. We know the challenges you face. We know the mission you’ve set out to accomplish as a school, and we believe our mission is to support your school in accomplishing your mission.

We know your school’s mission hasn’t diminished, even in the midst of the upheaval of 2020. We’ve seen you rise to the challenges imposed on schools because of COVID-19, and remarkably, we’ve seen your schools responding to the educational, physical, and spiritual needs of their families with ways and means that are not available outside of faith-based schools. Just as your mission hasn’t changed or fallen to the wayside, neither has ours. We are all in: we see our need to support your educational mission of greater importance than ever. As we continue to guide and assist schools in maintaining their efforts to express their mission and focus throughout the essential elements of curriculum and instruction, we are constantly seeking ways we can help you thrive and enlarge your influence. 

So, what does that look like for you? In what ways can we help you refocus your efforts to strengthen your curriculum? How can we help you reinforce your school’s mission throughout your instruction? We are here to offer solutions and provide answers as you consider how to fully develop and infuse your curriculum plans with a stronger sense of your mission. 

Thanks for spreading the word about Curriculum Trak. Let us know how we here at Curriculum Trak can come alongside your school and support your efforts during this time. We believe in your mission and we want to see you thrive.