Curriculum Trak enjoys finding opportunities to work alongside organizations that promote faith-based education. Teaching for Transformation (TfT) through CACE is one of those organizations. They partner with faith-based schools in implementing the practices of deeper learning within the context of a Biblical worldview, specifically through teaching/learning practices that empower teachers to design learning for students to ‘see the story, live the story.’ Curriculum Trak schools are invited to any of the upcoming TfT informational webinars. Click here to explore options and register. 

There is a lot of crossover in the Curriculum Trak and TfT networks. Many schools implementing the TfT design process are also using Curriculum Trak. For the past several months we have been investigating what more we could do to promote the efforts of these schools and the unique and comprehensive unit design process of TfT. We are excited to share those results and invite you to begin learning more. If you are not already a TfT school, you are invited to consider how the TfT framework will equip your teachers to design learning experiences in which your students practice in discipleship habits while mastering curricular content and skills. If you are a TfT school, we can make these tools available to you right away. We will also be hosting a series of webinars with TfT to introduce these tools in more detail. For now, here is a high-level overview: 

Define Your Deep Hope

One of the first tools available for a TfT school is a Deep Hope design tool. Teachers will find the option to create and edit their Deep Hope for their courses right on their dashboard immediately below their My Courses window. They are able to attach their Deep Hope to one or more of their courses or classes. The Deep Hope will appear in their map and unit view of the course for further reference while planning. 

Build Your Storyline

Storylines are connected to the Deep Hope editing area. As the students and teacher journey into their Deep Hope and Storyline, evidence/artifacts of the learning journey can be collated and viewed with their maps and unit plans. Teachers from across the TfT network of schools will be able to view each other’s work with Storyline and Deep Hope. 

Design for FLEx

Formational Learning Experiences flow from your Deep Hope and grow out of your instructional units. TfT schools can now click a button in any unit plan and find the fillable FLEx tool to begin their FLEx design. 

Explore the Network

The Other Curriculum area for TfT schools has additional search options allowing them to explore the Deep Hope, Storylines, and FLEx units of other teachers in the TfT school network. This enhanced level of collaboration among TfT schools will help bring greater connectivity to your schools and enhance your ability to find and share great ideas for your TfT design.

To access the technical support page for TfT, click here.