Often, textbooks and the primary resources of a particular class represent a major investment for a school. So, it makes sense to include this in your mapped curriculum information. One of Curriculum Trak’s most recent enhancements allows teachers, curriculum directors, textbook committees, and even other schools in the Curriculum Trak community to become more aware of the primary texts of any course.

To begin using this feature, course editors should click on the “Course Information” button at the top of a course map or unit plan. In that area, you may enter as much about the primary and secondary courses resources as you would like. That information can then be collated into a Course Textbook report within the reporting area.

The video below provides an overview of the Course Information area and how it can be used to track course textbooks.

As you enter a new year and the second half of the school year, it might be a good idea to direct your teachers to add this information to each of their courses. This will aid in inventorying your student texts, considering what changes might be required, and planning for additional textbook purchases in the future.

Contact support if you have any questions about this feature.