Education in 2020 is unique… And, that’s an understatement! During times of disruption, it is more important than ever to lean into your support network and find ways to adapt. That is why expanding and deepening our network of instructional tools and resources has been a major focus for Curriculum Trak. We desire to promote your efforts and enhance your mission through the sharing of quality resources or meaningful opportunities that we believe have value to schools like yours. While not everything we promote will be equally valuable to every school, we believe that there is value in the flow of information. Today, we are highlighting two of our colleagues we have started working with more recently. Please share these opportunities with those in your sphere who might benefit.

Holocaust Instruction with Echoes & Reflections. Teaching the concepts of the Holocaust specifically, and broader concepts like acceptance, tolerance, racism, and social justice in a pedagogically-sound and resource-rich way can be difficult when we are there is more distance in our instruction than ever before. Echoes & Reflections provides great resources to support your efforts. In addition to importing these into your curriculum maps, you might find their recent blog focusing on this struggle to be helpful. You might also consider a free webinar that will explore these topics happening on November 9th (1 PM EST) entitled Marking Kristallnacht Through a Social Justice Lens. Registration is free, but required for attendance.

Science and Bible Integration with BioLogos. BioLogos works to foster a safe space for students to ask questions and explore exciting areas of science through the lens of biblical faith. BioLogos and Curriculum Trak are currently seeking more opportunities to work together specifically around their newly released curriculum resources called INTEGRATE. In the meantime, Curriculum Trak schools are invited to a free webinar about integrating science and faith in your classroom and an overview of this exciting support tool to your existing science and biblical instruction. You can register for this event here.

If you are aware of other resources or opportunities you believe would be helpful to the network of Curriculum Trak schools, please let us know. Our goal is to promote a variety of opportunities and resources as diverse as the network of faith-based schools currently using Curriculum Trak. While we seek to avoid divisiveness around any specific doctrinal, social, or political beliefs, we do enjoy promoting unifying best practices and pushing for advancements in academic excellence that all faith-based schools are striving toward.