Editor’s Note: We hope you are enjoying the beauty of Spring wherever you find yourself! Many of our bloggers are on Spring Break, and we are currently working to launch the Curriculum Trak podcast (check out the first episodes here). So, this week, for your reading pleasure, we are offering a brief recap of some posts you may have missed from the past few months. Be sure to check into these items (as well as the podcast). If you would like to contribute to the Curriculum Trak blog, view our submission guidelines here.

February Focused on Collective Practices

Our bloggers and readers seemed to be reflecting on the value of group effort as the calendar changed from January to February. Our most read and shared blog posts provided practical advice related to practices best engaged in as a group of educators, suggesting that teaching is a team sport.

A Simple (But Not So Easy) Way to Biblically Integrate Better – Kevin McKee outlines the importance of personal spiritual growth among the instructional team.

Curriculum Meetings: A Key to Mapping Success – Dr. Renee Mungons highlights the value of monthly curriculum meetings to collaborate on curriculum initiatives. She unpacks this further in an upcoming podcast.

Course Maps are About More than the What – Dr. Cynthia Hunter shares from her own experiences how curriculum mapping can help direct the culture of the school.

Other bloggers shared about such collective efforts as…

It may sound like a cliche, but teamwork does make the dream work. What practices or procedures does your school employ to bring unity to your instructional team? Consider sharing your experiences and ideas in a future blog post.

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