Several schools have asked for a way to provide input or feedback on maps or unit plans. Today, we are introducing a sticky note feature for that purpose.

Like the sticky notes you may currently have available to you at your desk, this feature allows for a quick note to be written and “stuck” to just about any area of a given unit plan or map. Course editors and viewers and any admin have the option to create a new sticky note and affix it to any area as they review, note needed changes, or provide feedback.

Sticky Note Alert

This feature is a way to provide comments or feedback on a specific area of a course map or unit plan which relevant users will see as they are working within Curriculum Trak. When a sticky note is added to any area of a course, a new icon will appear in the “My Courses” area on the dashboard to alert any attached user. Sticky notes can be resolved by anyone viewing the note, and a log is kept of all notes (open or closed). Additional notes can be added at any time.

We see this sticky note feature as a tool to provide quick review, collaboration, support, feedback, or accountability around your mapping efforts. Map creators can use sticky notes to track ideas they haven’t yet implemented, or areas needing review. Map viewers (attached to the map) can provide notes about changes they would recommend or questions they would like to explore. Account admins might attach notes related to standard practices or more clarity.

Obviously, these notes should not replace conversations, meetings, professional development, or other best practices for staff improvement, but we hope they will become yet another communication tool for your instructional team. We do provide the option for turning this feature off in your account if you have concerns about its value or use.

This video will provide additional insight into this feature. Contact support if you have any questions or concerns.