Your Curriculum Trak account requires an annual rollover to update your school year from one to the next (i.e. – 2018/2019 to 2019/2020). This time of year, there are usually some questions about that process. If you have any specific questions or concerns about how your account may be impacted by this annual rollover, please contact support. We would like to provide some insights into how the technical switch might impact work within your account.

Rollover does not impact maps/unit plans. Curriculum Trak views your course maps as a living document. In other words, it is assumed that what you mapped for a course one year is still relevant the next year with the exception of regular maintenance. Maps are not started over from year to year. They are simply modified as the needs of the course or course instructor may require. Course editors are able to modify course maps in small (or big) ways based on any changes to their plans or instruction. As a result, changing the school year for your school will have no impact on any mapping work. You may want to check the date stamp in the map (next to the unit titles) or in the Scope and Sequence report to see when any given unit plan was last updated. This will be a good indicator of how current any unit plan is. If you desire to start your maps from scratch, you will need to create brand new courses in the courses database. Curriculum Trak support will be happy to assist you with that.

Rollover impacts scheduled lesson plans. If you are using the CT Lesson Planner, switching your account from one school year to the next will basically remove all dates from every lesson plan in your account. The lessons are still available in the individual teachers “My Lessons Database” area and can be reused after the rollover is complete. The weekly planner will be empty ready for lessons to be scheduled for next year. How a teacher decides to re-use their created lessons is an individual decision. After the rollover, teachers have three options for reusing lessons:

  • Rollover all lessons: Teachers can enter their Class Sections Setup area, redefine their class sections for the new school year, and click the “Rollover” button which will allow them to attach their lessons form the previous year to a similar date in the new school year.
  • Assign Dates to Lessons One Unit at a Time: Teachers can enter their “My Lessons Database” select a specific course unit, and click the “Attach Dates to Lessons” button allowing them to assign a date to all or some of lessons created for the unit.
  • Assign Dates to Individual Lessons: Teachers also have the option to enter the lessons database, click on the edit pencil for any individual lesson, review it and update it, and assign a date. Lessons can be scheduled through the Weekly Planner as well.

Of course, teachers can continue to copy lessons (theirs or a co-teacher’s) or create brand new lessons as they desire.

Rollover impacts when lesson plans can be scheduled. By default, a school’s Curriculum Trak school year runs from July 15 to July 15 annually. Lesson plans can be scheduled between those dates. Before the rollover, lesson plans cannot be scheduled past July 15. That is considered outside of the school year. After the rollover, lesson plans cannot be schedule before July 15 as that is considered the previous school year.

Your school’s rollover date can be manually selected. Curriculum Trak will roll your school over from one school year to another automatically on or around July 15. We recognize that your school’s specific approach to lesson planning, school calendar, or professional development might require an alternative date or a different date range as the “school year” to support your planning needs. Please contact support if you need to modify your school’s rollover date for any reason. We will change the range of your school year, set a tentative date for your rollover which will generate a reminder email and instructions for you, and guide you through the process to rollover your school year at the date of your choosing.