Schools using the Curriculum Trak Lesson Planner have been asking for the power of the unit planning reports to extend to the lesson planner feature as well. And, we listened!

Today, we are happy to report that if you are using the lesson planner, curriculum admins in your account are now able to access four brand-new reports in the Lessons menu. We believe these reports will allow you to do even more to understand what is going on with curriculum and instruction at your school. Take a look:

  • View Currently Scheduled Lessons: In addition to the ability to view the weekly planners of individual teachers, you now have the option to see every lesson scheduled for a specific day in any program area. We believe giving the curriculum administrators the ability to see what is being taught in a specific area quickly allows for more clarity and understanding of the daily workings of the school.
  • Benchmarks by Unit: Standards and benchmark alignment reports have been powerful at the unit level, but how do you know how those standards/benchmarks are being instructed on a daily basis? This report will show how the benchmarks attached at a unit level are filtering down to daily lessons, or if any of those are being missed.
  • View Lesson Content by Template Field: Your lesson plans fields were established for a reason. Now, you can collect the data from one field at a time from a variety of lesson plans. This report will be helpful for integration purposes, understanding specific class content, and seeing the variety of instruction and assessment methods happening in your teaching staff.
  • Search by Keyword: Ever wonder where specific concepts or ideas are instructed in your school. The keyword search will allow you to select a specific lesson plan field and search for exact content within the lesson plans your teachers have created.

In order to use these reports, you will need to be set as a curriculum administrator. Go ahead and take these new reports for a drive. See what you can find out about the instruction in your school. As always, we welcome your questions and feedback.

If your school does not use the Lesson Planner feature, we would be glad to help you get started. Let us know how we can help you with that.