We try to make our blog valuable to the users who follow it by providing helpful tips and tricks, updates and ideas, and now… coupons!

That’s right. Exclusive to our blog followers, we are providing a BOGO coupon for any standards prep fees you may incur during the month of March.

This coupon will waive part of the fees we charge for adding standards to your account. As you may know, the preparation fees your first set of standards in the four core academic areas – Math, ELA, Science, and Social Studies – are included in your initial setup fees. If your school needs any standards outside of those areas, you may either prepare those on your end (to be loaded by us at no charge), or you may pay us to load what you need.

For this month only, if you tell us that you saw this coupon, we will waive the lesser fee for every second set you request through the Available Standards Listing. This would be a great time to get additional sets added to your account.

Feel free to share our blog with others who may be using Curriculum Trak, and stay tuned for more news, tips, and coupons in the future.

Terms and Exclusions

This coupon will not work retroactively for any sets you have already requested. It will not count toward standards that we need to prepare from scratch (not listed in the Available Standards Listing), but we would be happy to prepare something for you if you need that.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact support.