Note: This blog post is one of a series outlining some aspects of Curriculum Trak conferences. You can get more information about upcoming conferences and even register here

We have written in other blog posts about the value and importance of making Curriculum Trak part of your school culture (here’s the most recent post on this topic). We recognize that the implementation of systematic reflective practices around the area of planning and instruction (mapping, unit planning, daily lesson planning) often receive some resistance and can be difficult to defend in the face of so many other demands for a teacher’s time and attention. Often, the questions are not so much about whether these are best practices. The question is whether teachers are going to be required to engage in those practices and to what extent. Simply put, adopting a program like Curriculum Trak and an initiative like curriculum mapping will likely require major cultural shifts within the teaching and administrative teams. That’s hard to do! 

That is why at our Curriculum Trak conferences we wanted to make school culture part of the discussion as well. We are inviting guest speakers who have walked through the process of changing their school culture to incorporate these practices… and they lived to tell their story! Our training track will walk users through the various tools Curriculum Trak provides that will help them connect the data they are collecting with how that data can impact their instruction.  And, of course, we want to give every attendee the opportunity to network with other schools and learn from each other’s efforts in this regard. 
We look forward to this aspect of the discussion, and hope you will consider joining us at an upcoming Curriculum Trak conference as well.