Note: This blog post is one of a series outlining some aspects of Curriculum Trak conferences. You can get more information about upcoming conferences and even register here

Curriculum Trak is humbled to serve a network of faith-based schools around the world. The faith-based educational community is distinctive in that they focus on an eternal component as the underlying reason for their existence. We educate for both the here and now, but also for what is yet to come. In that regard, there are a lot of similarities in the individual mission statements of faith-based schools (which is why networking is so important). But the implementation of the mission of each school can be quite different from place to place. So, how do you ensure that your school is on mission, especially in the area of planning and instruction? 

Curriculum Trak exists to support you in your mission alignment efforts. That is why we have chosen to make mission alignment a major part of our Curriculum Trak conferences. We incorporate training and discussion times around this topic, invite guest speakers who are intentional about mission alignment through planning and instruction, and seek to encourage you in your efforts to grow and improve in those areas. The teacher training track of the conference will incorporate specific resources and tips for any educator to make every course feed into your school’s eternal mission. Our goal is that your school meets its stated goal in this area, and we are working to support you in that. 
Join us at an upcoming Curriculum Trak conference to see how we might support you in your mission.