Note: This blog post is one of a series outlining some aspects of Curriculum Trak conferences. You can get more information about upcoming conferences and even register here

At the end of the day, Curriculum Trak is a software program and mapping takes time. While we seek to provide information, support, and guidance about best practices, mission alignment and building a network of like-minded schools, it is usually getting the work done that is of chief concern. And curriculum mapping is a lot of work! We want to be intentional about helping move toward completion (because mapping is never “done”).

Perhaps one of the biggest changes we have made to our Curriculum Trak conference format is the focus on getting the work done. We are backing off slightly from the high-level thinking that is often a necessary part of curriculum mapping. This gives us more room to incorporate work times and discussing tips and tricks for successful implementation. So, with that goal in mind, we have incorporated a users/editor’s track designed to provide guided, hands-on work time around a variety of topics. Support staff will be on hand to assist users who opt to turn any session that doesn’t apply to them into dedicated work time as well. For administrators, we are bringing in guest speakers who will describe some of the specific steps they took to get the work done (to the extent they have) in their context. 

Our goal is to provide a space for those who are simply looking for support in accomplishing their mapping goals a way to do just that. If that sounds like it would be beneficial to you or someone at your school, we hope you will consider joining us at an upcoming Curriculum Trak conference as well.