Note: This blog post is one of a series outlining some aspects of Curriculum Trak conferences. You can get more information about upcoming conferences and even register here.

In our conferences, Curriculum Trak places a high priority on the value of networking. We believe there is much to gain from a deep and extended community of like-minded professionals. Your school is not an island, but as we work primarily with faith-based schools, we find that many schools feel like they are. We want to help change that. 

As a faith-based school, you may find that you often operate in isolation as a product of a specific church or community-based ministry. You most likely operate outside of the local school district and only have somewhat loose connections with other associations, agencies, accrediting bodies, or educational organizations. On one hand, you probably find that autonomy allows you to focus intently on the distinctives of your mission and the best interests of your parents and students. On the other hand, that level of autonomy can hinder how efficiently and effectively you adopt of best practices, employ current trends, or enhance course offerings. In most cases, in the faith-based school, most teachers are alone in their specific areas of instruction and lack the benefit of sharing ideas and practices with a colleague working toward the same goals. 

We here at Curriculum Trak are seeking ways to improve the networking capabilities of schools using this platform. More than just the technical possibilities within the Curriculum Trak platform, we desire to foster healthy and helpful connections between educators and school leaders around the world.

For that reason, networking is a major focus of our Curriculum Trak conference. We build in times for you to talk with schools around you. We will have both an administrative session and a technical session on networking with Curriculum Trak. Our guest speaker will highlight the benefits and growth experienced through the Curriculum Trak network and highlight opportunities for you to do the same. Curriculum Trak support personnel will walk you through some of the networking options built into the Curriculum Trak software. Ultimately, we desire for your network to grow deeper and further. 

Join us at an upcoming Curriculum Trak conference to continue building your network.