We are excited to announce another program to support individual users in their specific use of Curriculum Trak. As any educational professional can tell you, there is no “one-size-fits-all” approach to education. The same is true to the curriculum work for which teachers, support staff, and administrators are responsible at their school. While many report that Curriculum Trak is very user-friendly, there are a variety of tasks that may require additional support, or coaching. That is what we provide! For an hourly rate, one of our support specialists, all experienced educators, will meet with any staff person at your school in an online meeting to support him or her in responsibilities related to Curriculum Trak. Whether it is a staff person unfamiliar with technology, a teacher new to the concept of mapping, a volunteer tasked with collating and entering all of your data, or an administrator who simply wants to get more out of the program, we are glad to work with you. Check out the details here and let us know how we can support you further.

Contact support with any questions you may have or to begin arranging for coaching dates and times.   
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