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One-on-One Support (Training/Coaching)

Curriculum Trak now offers one-on-one coaching for individual users of Curriculum Trak. While many schools have had quite a bit of success with our leadership training model and other schools have benefitted from the on-site training we provide, we recognize that some schools and users may benefit from a little bit more direct support. This service allows account administrators to identify any of their users requiring additional support and request a specific number of coaching hours at a rate of $50/hour*. The identified users will then be able to schedule their coaching session and work directly with one of our support specialists in an online meeting where they will receive the personalized support needed to accomplish their Curriculum Trak related goals.

*This rate drops to $45/hour if four or more hours are bought at one time.

Possible Coaching Topics:
  • Technical support for the teacher new to Curriculum Trak
  • Coaching for the teacher new to the concept of mapping
  • Coaching for the professional new to teaching who struggles with lesson planning (for Lesson Planner schools)
  • New Administrator support
  • Coaching for the teacher new to benchmark alignment
  • Biblical integration consulting for specific teachers
  • Translating curriculum resources into units
  • Other topics may also be available upon request
How to request coaching hours:
Any Curriculum Trak administrator at a school can begin taking advantage of this program by taking three easy steps:
  • Request the hours needed and identify the attendees. An administrator can either submit a support ticket or email support with the number of coaching hours desired and the name(s) of the staff person who will attend (due to the individualized nature of this program, it is recommended that only one user attend at a time; multiple attendees will diminish the effectiveness of the session).
  • Encourage the attendees to schedule the coaching session. CT Support staff will create an invoice for the total number of hours requested and then invite the staff member(s) to schedule their coaching session through the email address on file in your CT account.
  • Track coaching hours. Used hours will be noted in the created invoice and a brief report will be sent to the account administrator and the attendee after the session has ended, but additional invitations and follow up may not be offered for unused hours.  
Additional Details:
  • All unused coaching hours expire one calendar year after they are requested or immediately after the account is deactivated.
  • No refunds are offered for unused/missed coaching sessions.  
  • Coaching sessions will begin on time and end ten minutes before the end of the hour to provide for a thorough report to be issued to the attendee and the administrator.
  • To allow for the full benefit of this coaching, and the ability to complete additional steps after the session, we discourage individuals from scheduling sessions back to back.
  • CT Staff will wait up to 10 minutes for the attendee to login to the session. A reminder email and/or phone call may be attempted. Scheduled sessions that are not attended will be counted as a used session unless cancelled at least one hour in advance.
  • Coaching sessions are designed to empower Curriculum Trak users to be successful in their own goals and responsibilities. Individual progress will vary.

If you have any questions about this program, please contact support for more information.