Today, we are excited to announce that we have been collaborating with BioLogos to bring their INTEGRATE content to your Curriculum Trak account. Our goal is to continue partnering with content providers as diverse as the faith-based schools we work with to streamline the mapping process for educators and promote high-quality content. BioLogos is the most recent of these partnerships. Their mission is to invite the church and the world to see the harmony between science and biblical faith. We are grateful not only for their vision, but also for the opportunity to share their efforts with the Curriculum Trak network.

We recently sat down for a “remote” discussion with Kathryn Applegate, the resource editor for BioLogos. Watch that conversation below.

The INTEGRATE resource is designed to aid Christian educators in fostering a safe space for students to explore the harmony of science with biblical truths. Their fifteen units of flexible teacher’s resources could be taught as a full, stand alone science/faith or worldview course, or they could be individually incorporated into your existing middle or high school Science or Bible courses.  

The INTEGRATE curriculum development team has collated a rich bank of videos, interviews, articles, discussion prompts, and instructional activities designed to help students make those important faith connections as they study science. These resources can help instructors grow in their own approach to faith integration in these areas while also diminishing the amount of planning and preparation time required to provide meaningful and excellent learning experiences for their students. Each unit will promote integration, exploration, dialogue, and ultimately, a deeper development of a biblical worldview in the minds and hearts of your students.

If you have any questions about these resources, check out their helpful FAQs. You may also reach out to BioLogos directly through their website or by writing to 

Through your Curriculum Trak account, you now have the ability to work with this content in a few different ways: 

  • Preview Unit Plans Through the Other Curriculum Area: There are five units of instruction currently available from BioLogos. These have been laid out in a familiar Curriculum Trak format and are available for preview in the Other Curriculum Area. Just look for “BioLogos” in the Filter By District field, listed with other Curriculum Trak schools in the state of Michigan. Or, you may click on their public access link as well. 
  • Import Units of Instruction into Your Curriculum Trak Account: Any CT Admin at your school can import the INTEGRATE units your school plans to use into your Curriculum Trak account through the “Import Content from a CT Partner” button located on the left side of the Courses Database area (Admin > Courses Database). After matching the BioLogos fields to your school’s template fields, you will be able to select the specific unit(s) you wish to bring into your account. These units will be imported as stand alone courses within your database. From there, you can copy the units into the appropriate courses. This video will guide you through the process. If you plan to use all of the INTEGRATE units as a standalone course of study, let Curriculum Trak support know. We are happy to provide that to you as it becomes available.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns about how this content can become part of your efforts within Curriculum Trak, please feel free to contact CT support.