Many Curriculum Trak schools have enjoyed the option to import textbook maps from widely-used, faith-based publishers. These maps expedite the initial launch of your mapping efforts and allow you to modify these maps from reflecting the text to reflecting the specific decision of the course instructors. Today, we are happy to announce a collaborative effort with Summit Ministries making curriculum maps of many of their texts available through your Curriculum Trak account. These texts are not only available for preview in the Other Curriculum Area (find Summit Ministries among Colorado schools), but, if you are using these texts, any account administrator can select and import a map of the text into your account. 

We are happy to have the opportunity to work with Summit Ministries to make these maps available to you as we seek to promote and provide a variety of faith-based resources as diverse as the schools we are honored to serve. Biblical worldview training is a stated goal of many Curriculum Trak schools, and Summit Ministries has been promoting biblical worldview education among college students, churches, and Christian schools since 1962. Outside of their Bible curriculum, they also provide many other valuable resources we believe many Curriculum Trak schools and the families they serve will find helpful. 

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please contact support.