Curriculum Trak is excited to roll out a brand new training opportunity! For the first time, we are offering a certification program for Curriculum Trak leaders. Find out more here.

As we seek to promote a network of faith-based schools striving toward instructional excellence through curriculum mapping, we have come to realize that ultimate success for a school in their planning and instruction comes down to leadership. For school leaders to successfully use a feature-rich platform like Curriculum Trak, they need more than technical training. They also need to recognize their school’s specific long-term goals and implement recommended strategies and practices for reaching those goals. It is our desire to equip school leaders to guide not only their own schools, but possibly even other schools in their sphere of influence, in understanding how Curriculum Trak can support their ongoing efforts to start, maintain, and extend curriculum mapping to the furthest extent possible. To that end, we have put together a training program for admin level users, or those users at a school who have been tasked with managing all things related to Curriculum Trak.

The CT Certification process will involve a two-day, hands-on training from CT personnel, leading to a cumulative assessment. The goal of the training will be to help you identify your short-term and long-term goals and guide you through the steps to achieve them. The small, cohort-program approach to this training will further promote a network of users for additional support and encouragement. Certified CT Admins will be added to a shared directory (if desired) as a way to continue to enhance the community of schools, support other schools in their efforts, and provide additional collaborative opportunities.

We are happy to invite you to join us in this training. Please contact Curriculum Trak Support if you have any questions. You can find more details about CT Certification opportunities at this link