If you are using the Curriculum Trak Lesson Planning feature, you may notice that our December updates have impacted how lessons can be created or scheduled – for the better!

You are still able to create and manage lessons in the My Lessons Database area, but if your school is using the Unit Timelines feature, when adding a new lesson, you will automatically be given the current unit.

The changes will be most noticeable as you work with lessons in the Weekly Planner. When attaching lessons (with the paperclip) you will now have the option to drag-and-drop existing lessons to any day of the way. Existing lessons are listed by unit title, which will also default to your current unit if using the timelines feature.

Lessons can be dragged and dropped from one day to another, or removed from a date by clicking the red X. You can switch back to the older attachment method (which required knowing the lesson title) and shift multiple lessons, as always, through the blue arrow.

Creating lessons (through the plus sign)

will take you into the lesson editing area where a unit will be open for you by default – either the first unit of the course, or the current unit (when using the timelines feature).

If you have already established a preferred method for creating and scheduling lesson plans, that process should not change for you, but we would invite you to see if these added options will provide you with added efficiency in your lesson planning efforts. Contact support with any questions or concerns.

The documents below may be used for additional training or support with your teachers: