More and more, research is confirming the value of collaboration in educational settings. Research is also revealing how difficult it is for educators to collaborate in our current educational model. You can find one example of that research here. Unfortunately, it seems that most faith-based and independent schools face even more hurdles when it comes to embracing this best practice.

Curriculum Trak desires to be a catalyst to change that. As you know, our mapping platform is designed to promote collaboration within your school by providing full transparency of all curricular decisions. Every teacher can see every course map and run insightful reports on just about any topic. We also promote collaboration and networking with other schools through our Other Curriculum area. This growing database of curriculum maps, unit plans, and lesson plans allows you to see how like-minded schools have handled specific decisions around content, standards, concepts, and instruction.

But, we believe there is room for more growth in this area. True collaboration happens best when mission-oriented educators take the initiative to step away from the technology and interact in more personal ways. This is where true growth and encouragement can happen.

At a recent conference, Lynn Cuffari, a former principal of a Curriculum Trak school, shared how her school benefited from networking and what she is doing now to continue promoting a network of schools.

Lynn Cuffari shares about the value of networking

You can access the video and related lesson content here.

Curriculum Trak currently offers a variety of conferences, training programs, and even on-site conversations to help push schools toward more collaboration and networking. How can we help foster that for you? We would love to hear your stories or suggestions.