We are committed to supporting schools as they seek to fulfill their missions. Curriculum mapping, aligning curriculum to standards, and creating standards-based lesson plans requires more than just a great mapping program like Curriculum Trak. An undertaking such as this involves leadership, committed educational professionals, and many decisions and course adjustments along the way. So, somewhere along the way, it is common for administrators to ask, “Do you provide professional development?” The answer is “YES!”

We are educators at heart, and we know the value of professional development. Some schools would like assistance with Curriculum Trak in addition to what our online support can provide. Other schools would like to explore topics other than those directly related to curriculum mapping to meet the current needs of their teachers. Either way, we have you covered. We partner with Dan Beerens and Dan Beerens Consulting, to provide a variety of on-site training and staff development opportunities. In working with Dan, you get more than just an experienced school leader and educational consultant. Dan is also well-acquainted with Curriculum Trak and all it has to offer. He can provide insight into your school’s goals, help you develop your staff, and show you how to use Curriculum Trak to its fullest extent.

You can get more information about on-site training here.