If you have been working at Curriculum Mapping or Lesson Planning for any length of time, you are beginning to see the wealth of information this data provides to your administrators and staff as you make curricular decisions, understand the scope and sequence of your courses, and seek to make improvements to your overall program. But have you considered the value of this information to your other stakeholders or larger community? Imagine the insights this information could provide to prospective parents who are considering your school for their children. Or the benefit of making your unit plans or lesson plans available to current parents and students who need to know what they are missing during a planned or unplanned absence.

Curriculum Trak has a variety of public access options that allows you to share the information you have collected. You can generate a public access link connected to different aspects of your account allowing non-users to see specific parts of your account or add a button to your school’s website. You have the ability to select exactly what information from your templates you would like to share and what should be preserved for your staff. Parents, students, and other stakeholders have the ability to search your curriculum by course and your lesson plans by teacher.

This video provides an overview of how to setup the Public Access feature. If you have questions about this feature and how it can best serve your school, please contact support.