We are happy to introduce a new feature in Curriculum Trak for finding our top-rated maps in the Curriculum Trak network. You will now find a filter for “Top-Rated Maps” in the “Other Curriculum Area” which will allow you to pull only those courses into your search that have been evaluated and found to be of the highest quality. If you have participated in our annual review events, you will also see an indication of the top-rated maps within your account as well.  There are several caveats to include with this ranking mostly because of how personalized mapping needs to be for each school and each teacher. So, please take a moment to watch the video below outlining our process for finding and highlighting these maps. More information for finding and using these maps will follow at the end. 



Finding Top Rated Maps

There is both an internal and external component to top-rated maps. 


Internally, a school who has submitted maps for review will see which of those submitted earned the highest ranking among all submitted maps in the annual mapping event will have a “top-rated” indicator next to the course name in the Mapping or Units view. This is to allow other teachers to quickly identify what could be considered an example of what other maps are striving for at your school. 


Externally, in the Other Curriculum Area, schools looking for specific examples of other schools’ efforts will see the “top-rated” notation in maps included in their search. They can even filter for only courses which are “top-rated.” This is to indicate those courses that most closely align with “The Curriculum Trak Way” first and foremost. It will be worth noting that there are likely many other courses out there that could be similarly ranked, and the “top-rated” notation represents only a very small subset of possible examples, but it might be a valuable starting point for teachers who are looking for specific examples for their own use and reflection. 


Note: At this point, only a very small percentage of maps available in the Other Curriculum Area are tagged as “top-rated.” Therefore, we do not recommend applying any other filters when searching for a top-rated map. You are invited to contact support with questions or concerns.