During this time of limited social interaction, educators whose days are typically spent surrounded by students and like-minded co-workers may be feeling somewhat lonely and disconnected. Curriculum Trak’s primary goal is always to promote the best practices coming from the world-wide network of faith-based educators. During this time, we believe we can do that in part by offering an option for people to connect and be encouraged and strengthened by others like them. Therefore, we will begin hosting a free, no-commitment required, virtual coffee hour for any faith-based educator who would like to interact with others. Due to the virtual nature of this meeting, we will ask you to supply your own coffee. 

This virtual coffee hour will be hosted in one of our Zoom web-conferencing rooms and begin with a word of encouragement (devotional, prayer, reading, etc.) from a member of the Curriculum Trak team. Then, we will open the floor for discussion around a specific topic not necessarily related to curriculum mapping. The chat area will also be available for questions, comments, or other concerns. We will limit the number of attendees to promote easier conversations, so we are asking that every attendee register in advance to reserve their spot. But, we are not limiting the number of these coffee hours you can join. You are welcome to register for as many of these as you would like. We will expand meeting options to meet demands. You will just need to provide your own coffee. 

Anyone can join in on the discussion. You do not need to be a Curriculum Trak user to participate, and we will not necessarily be covering Curriculum Trak-specific topics. Our goal is simply to fill a void that might be present during our current situation. If you invite a friend, be sure to bring coffee for them as well. 

Consider joining us and please feel free to pass this opportunity to anyone else who you believe might enjoy joining us as well. More dates will be added weekly. We look forward to “seeing” you there. All you need to do is show up ready to participate. Oh, and bring your own coffee.