If you are responsible for paying the invoices for your school or finding ways to save money for your school, we have great news for you.

First, we have partnered with a clearinghouse for online payments which now allows for a secure way to pay your invoices online, set up recurring payments, and manage those payments easily through your Curriculum Trak account.

What does this mean for you?

  • You will still receive all of your invoices via email.
  • You can print out your invoices and pay it with a US check.
  • If you want to pay your invoices online (with a credit card or ACH), you will now need to log into their CT account.
  • When you log into CT and go to Admin, Invoices, you will need to enter a credit card and/or your bank info for ACH.  Once you enter this, this info will be stored so it is very easy for you to pay invoices going forward
  • For a payment method, if you check the box for auto-pay, the system will use this information to automatically pay your invoices on the due date of those invoices

Please watch this video to find out specifically how that may affect you.

Additionally, our partnership with Payment Spring, a community-minded, secure clearinghouse for online payments, has extended an offer to all Curriculum Trak schools to also serve as a clearinghouse for your online payments or donations as well. They offer some of the lowest rates in the industry which would allow your school to expand your donation/payment base while also keeping more of the money at home. If you are interested in exploring this option, you would have several options for collecting and tracking your donations and payments:

  • You could work with the basic, free user portal offered by Payment Spring which allows
  • You could sign up for our sister product, Donor Trak, to manage all of your fundraising and development efforts.

While every online clearinghouse will charge something to process your payments and donations in a secure way, PaymentSpring offers rates that are more than competitive. So you will be able to keep more of your money at home (compare to the rates of other similar services).

Here are the rates you can enjoy through Payment Spring:

  • A monthly fee of $10
  • a per-transaction fee of the following:
    • e-check – 0%  .19 each
    • Debit Card Transactions – 1.79% + .19 each
    • Credit – 1.99% + .19 each
    • Non-qualified Credit – 2.99% + .19 each

We are happy to recommend Payment Spring to you for your online payment and donation needs. Contact support if you would like more information about this.