Have you heard? Curriculum Trak is updating and expanding our approach to service and support to include more training opportunities. In our effort to respond to the needs of schools, we now include training “seats” with every standard* Curriculum Trak account. This essentially provides CT Certification, Level 2 training, or several other equivalent training services, to every standard* school, every year. We are making these training opportunities available to you as early as July 1st to support the number of schools who are reviewing or relaunching their mapping efforts in the fall of 2021. We want to make sure you are fully aware of what this enhanced approach to service means to you. So, we have put together some FAQs to get you started. Of course, you can always contact support (support@curriculumtrak.com) for additional details. 

*Note: A small percentage of schools who take advantage of non-standard group pricing are excluded from this service upgrade due to their unique use of Curriculum Trak. This enhanced service and support is available to them on a case-by-case basis. 


What is a “training seat”?

 A training seat constitutes one registration for CT Certification training or Level 2 Training. So, while it could be thought of as approximately sixteen hours of hands-on training for a Curriculum Trak leader at your school, it could also be transferred into equivalent services should CT Certification not meet your current needs.These can be determined on a case-by-case basis with Curriculum Trak support. Each training seat can be used by any user in your account. While a single seat cannot be split or shared between users, each seat will renew annually (on July 1st) and the new seat can then be used by any user within your account.  

Who should use the”training seat”? 

Curriculum Trak takes a “train-the-trainer” approach to service and support. We believe that on-the-ground leadership is best equipped to direct your instructional team moving forward. So, we recommend that the Curriculum Trak champion(s) at your school take advantage of the training included with your training seats. However, if you believe your school would benefit from one of our other PD services instead, please reach out to support to discuss your options. 

How soon can I register for training? 

You can register as soon as you would like for any of our upcoming training events scheduled to occur after July 1st. Registration for events occurring before July 1st will automatically generate an invoice unless your account had training seats activated previously and available prior to July 1st. If you have unique circumstances that would make an earlier training date more advantageous for you, please let us know. 

How do I register for training? 

Any User Accounts administrator in your Curriculum Trak account can click on the Help icon and find the Registration option. That administrator can select the person/people and the specific training event to attend. Curriculum Trak support is always happy to assist with your registration needs as well. 

What if I have already completed CT Certification? 

We are grateful for the many schools who have already taken advantage of the CT Certification training. We believe it is to a school’s advantage to expand the number of CT Certified users on staff over time. So, our first recommendation would be to invite other instructional leaders (administrative or not) to become certified. Certified users might want to explore our growing number of Level 2 Training options geared toward further supporting your ongoing efforts. Or, contact support to discuss other training or PD options that might better fit your needs at this time. 

How can I find out how many training seats my school has? 

You can find the total number of available training seats in the Registration area within your account (Admins can click on Help > Registration). We based the number of included training seats on your school’s enrollment. School size is the best estimate of leadership needs. Seats were added based on the following enrollment tiers: 

  • 100 students or less = 1 seat annually
  • 101-500 students = 2 seats annually
  • 501-1000 students = 3 seats annually
  • 1001 or more students = 4 seats annually

Contact support for the specific number of seats available to your school. 

What if our school doesn’t use all of its included seats within the year? 

Every year moving forward, on July 1st, new seats will open up and unused seats will be dissolved. Our goal is to make sure that you get the value of the training seats by offering a wide range of training dates and even the possibility of swapping out CT Certification training for other training options that might fit your needs. We plan to communicate with you about these training seats in a variety of ways in order to allow you to identify and register for your preferred training option as early as possible. Unfortunately,  our efforts to make this training upgrade as efficient and economical as possible for our schools prevents us from providing refunds, credits, or rollovers for unused seats. We have attempted to make room for the rare unused seat by building in a set number of seats into your annual service fee at a rate far below face value and making those seats available around prime training times rather than at your next renewal date. We also seek to provide a greater number of training opportunities, which limits the size of the training cohorts. In the event that you believe your training seats will be difficult to use, please let us know. 

What if we want to add more seats? 

Based on the feedback we have received from schools completing the CT Certification training, we believe it is likely that many schools will want more seats rather than less. We have partially provided for this by renewing your available seats each year. However, if you want to include more of your staff in the training you receive from Curriculum Trak, you have two options: 

  1. You can register additional trainees beyond your included seats for a $250 registration fee. This fee will automatically be invoiced for you for any registration above your included seats in any given year.
  2. If you believe you will want to expand your included seats on an annual basis, we can explore building more seats into your annual fee at a discounted rate. 

Contact support to explore these options further. 

Would this training (part of our new annual fee) qualify for Title II funding? 

While every local school district has different processes and requirements for Title II funding approval, Curriculum Trak has been successful in assisting many of our schools in their efforts to gain Title II funding for the training portion of our service fees. Since every district takes their own approach, we ask that you take an active role in working through the process with your district, but we are happy to provide any information and support we can to you as you explore the process. 

What if we have unique needs or circumstances? 

Our goal is to add value to your Curriculum Trak account and further support your curriculum planning and design efforts. We believe our somewhat standardized, one-size-fits-all approach allows us to do more in a more efficient and economical way. But, we never want to leave a school behind. If this approach doesn’t seem to fit your current needs, please let us know. We are more than happy to explore ways that we can serve you better.