One of the strengths of Curriculum Trak is that there are many options to tailor the program to your specific needs, and it keeps getting better. The latest enhancement to this aspect of Curriculum Trak now includes the ability to change terms such as “Course” and “Unit” to something that best describes your curriculum components. Many schools will find little need to change these terms, but we want to you be aware of all the ways you can modify the program to fit your specific approach. We have listed some of the ways below. Please contact support if you have any questions about the following:  

  • Curriculum Terms (Admin > Setup > Curriculum Terms): This area allows you to change some of the basic terms used throughout Curriculum Trak to match the common vocabulary of your users. This is where you will find the new option to change “Course” and “Unit” to something more in line with your needs if desired.


  • Manage Programs (Admin > Setup > Manage Programs): This area allows you to make changes to existing program areas. This includes renaming them, adding to the list, or deactivating areas you do not use.


  • Manage Templates (Admin > Setup > Manage Templates): This area allows you to modify your existing template or even add an additional template for an area of your curriculum that you are approaching from a different perspective (i.e. – early childhood).
  • Learning Depths (Admin > Setup > Learning Depths): The presets for teachers to identify the depth to which they are teaching a specific benchmark are “Instruct” or “Assess,” but this area will allow you to add more or change the existing.
  • Public Access (Admin > Setup > Public Access): Allow your stakeholders (parents, students, board members, etc.) see your maps, units plans, and lesson plans through this area. You are able to customize what is available in this area.
  • User Permissions (Admin > Users Database): The permission level of your users determines, in part, what they are able to do in your account. If you need to modify this, you can do it individually (through the edit pencil for a user) or in groups (through the “Groups” button).
  • Courses (Admin > Courses Database): The courses database provides many options for adding or updating courses. Courses can be reordered, assigned to different teachers or grades, and even renamed.
  • Announcements (Admin > Announcements): This area allows administrators to post information on the homepage of Curriculum Trak. Some use it to help teachers keep track of timelines and other important curriculum tracking expectations. Others even post a school logo to personalize their account even further.


Let us know if we can assist you in making Curriculum Trak the perfect fit for your mapping needs.