Accreditation or reaccreditation is usually a big part of the reason why schools begin using Curriculum Trak. Many find that Curriculum Trak is not only a good tool to prepare their curriculum for upcoming accreditation visits, but it is also a good tool to present their curriculum to the accreditation team. Curriculum Trak provides several options for allowing your accreditation agency access to your account. Our support staff would be happy to assist you with that, but the information below may also be a good resource to walk you through your options for providing full access to your curriculum maps.


There are a couple of different options to allow for review of your work so far.

  1. You could create a guest account in your Users Database and give them the login information.
  • Click on Admin > Users Database
  • Click “Add User”
  • Make include the following information:
    • Unique ID: Guest1
    • First: Guest
    • Last: User1
    • Email: (make this an email address that you monitor internally)
    • User Name: GuestUser1
    • Password (Type One in): GuestUser1
    • Do not generate a random password
    • Do not email Password
    • Click “Add” and leave the account as a viewer.
  • Additional guest users could be added as necessary, but more than one person can login with the same credentials at one time.
  1. You could create a user account specifically for the reviewer.
  • Follow the same steps as above, but use personal information as necessary.
  1. You can send them the public access links to your account.
  • Hover over Admin and select “Setup”
  • Click on the “Public Access” button on the left-hand side
  • Make sure the “Check this box to allow for public viewing” box is checked.
  • Copy the appropriate link (Unit Plans/Curriculum Maps) and paste it into an email to those seeking to do review.
  • Review the rest of the public access links to be sure you are allowing the access you would like for this purpose.

Please contact support if you need any assistance in using Curriculum Trak in your accreditation process.