We are excited to announce that Curriculum Trak has been working with Echoes and Reflections to bring their Holocaust educational content to Curriculum Trak schools. Since 2005, Echoes and Reflections has made it their mission to help educators and students “understand, process, and navigate the world through the events of the Holocaust.” They have worked with more than 14,000 schools to bring web-based, high-quality Holocaust content combined with pedagogically-rich practices to over seven million students at zero cost to educators. This is an exciting endeavor for Curriculum Trak because not only is it an honor to promote this content to our schools, but we are also happy to help schools like yours import the Echoes and Reflections resources into your Curriculum Trak account, free of charge.

As you explore the resources and support options available through Echoes and Reflections, we believe you will find their content to be valuable in a variety of ways. They provide content that could constitute an entire course, stand alone units, or supplementary lessons and resources to incorporate into existing instructional plans. Not only will their standards-based resources enrich and enhance your middle school or high school history courses where this specific period of history is taught, but the content and the pedagogical approaches they provide can also be a valuable supplement to broader areas of study like language arts, humanities, and others. They seek to apply the lessons of the Holocaust to current events around the world such as genocide, the value of free speech, hatred and bigotry, and others.

To support schools in their efforts to incorporate this rich content into your curriculum, Curriculum Trak is able to import the Echoes and Reflections full course map into your own account with links to their web-based resources. From there, you or your teachers can either begin working with the course as an addition to your current offerings, or you can copy units from the course into your existing courses. Either way, you will be able to modify the content to reflect your specific instructional plan.

We would encourage you to begin exploring the Echoes and Reflections web resources if you are not familiar with the work this organization is doing, and share this information with others who may benefit from these resources. Contact Curriculum Trak support if you have questions or concerns.