This is a common question for administrators and map editors alike especially as you take stock of your curriculum at the beginning of another year. The strength of Curriculum Trak is that it offers a “living” curriculum map for your school – quite an improvement from the dusty binders that used to be stored in a corner somewhere. On the other hand, it can be hard to know exactly how up to date your maps are or if teachers are returning to update the latest changes they have made as they improve their instruction. It just got easier to find out how current your maps are. Every unit now contains a last-updated tag in the unit title (when in the map view). Now, whether you are an administrator who wants to know if what you see is current or a new teacher who wonders what may have changed recently in the course you have been assigned, the last updated tag will provide you with some information.

This feature began collecting data on November 29, 2017. Only maps updated on that date or after will be tagged. If you do not see a tag, it is an indication that no edits have taken place in that unit since the November 29 date. Since Curriculum Trak views mapping data as belonging to the school, this data is not connected to individual users. It reflects the last date any user updated any field within that map. This data is also visible in the Scope and Sequence Report under the Reports tab.

If you are asking when your maps were last updated, now you know!