We would like to congratulate our blog contest winner – Lynn from St. Augustine Catholic High School! St. Augustine has been a Curriculum Trak school since May 2016 and has actively referred other schools to use Curriculum Trak as well. Lynn was selected from the list of all blog followers using a random selection program. Thanks, Lynn, for your use of Curriculum Trak and your efforts to encourage others to use Curriculum Trak as well.

Also, thanks to everyone who has signed up to follow our blog this month. We are excited about the level of engagement among Curriculum Trak leaders. Hopefully, the information we provide here will help everyone win when it comes to getting the full benefit of Curriculum Trak and support you in spreading the word about our mapping and lesson planning tools.

Along those lines, we encourage you to stay tuned. We are currently working on several enhancements and improvements that may impact you and your use of Curriculum Trak. As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact support.