Curriculum Trak is pleased to welcome Dawn Fountain to our event calendar! She will be hosting a webinar for our community on October 27, 2023, at 3:00 p.m. (ET) and we would be glad to have you join us as we learn from Dawn’s insight and experiences. 

Have you experienced the Holy Spirit goosebump moments in your classroom? You had your daily lesson all planned out for the class and Only God went BEYOND the words in the lesson plans. His presence flowed through you into the students and they experienced the content BEYOND what you ever could have planned or imagined. It literally gave you goosebumps! If you have been in Christian education for any length of time, memories start flowing and the joy of why we teach attaches to the love that God wants us to share while equipping His kids for His kingdom.

Having been in education for 20+ years, I realize the Holy Spirit moves differently with each class that is taught. Is God present in all the lessons? What habits/routines do we use to access the Holy Spirit in our daily instruction? Did we acknowledge the different levels of faith immersion or biblical integration? When we do have Only God moments, what do we do with them? How can these moments be a catalyst for our future classes? There are so many questions, and thankfully, God has all the answers if we seek Him (Proverbs 8:17; Deuteronomy 4:29).

God has made so clear what the WHY is behind documentation. It is designed in order for His glory to be proclaimed for future locations and future generations. So when we have Only God moments, what is exciting is that God is using YOU when we get to document what He has done. Think about it, what if Samuel decided not to document how God used him? What if Matthew decided he was too busy or distracted to document what God allowed him to experience? God is asking us to document what He has done in our classroom in our curriculum guides. He wants to be the catalyst of our curriculum guides through the biblical integration/ faith immersion we use to enhance our instruction. It is His presence, prompting, and provision that encourages us to be our best beyond words as we make our lesson plans, which empowers our students to become their best beyond words to influence the world.

Dawn Fountain has 20+ years of experience in education. She taught in public education for 7 years in Mid Missouri. In 2005 she became an educator at the elementary level at Northland Christian Educational System in Kansas City, Missouri. Dawn completed her Master’s degree in Educational Administration in 2012. She continued to teach middle school science as well as Bible and was the Middle School Lead teacher for Northland Christians Middle School team. In spring of 2018, Northland Christian grew to multiple campuses where she became Elementary Principal at the Liberty campus. In the summer of 2019, Dawn’s husband (of 30 years in December) was transferred to Kirksville, Missouri, with Home Depot. In February of 2021, the Lord led her to start Northeast Christian High School (a non-denominational High School) to pour His truth into His kids while allowing them to experience His provision through bi-weekly service projects (For Him Fridays) to serve Northeast Missouri.